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Cochrane Library

V Scientific-practical conference "Pharmacoeconomics in Ukraine: status and prospects", Kharkiv on 13-14 December 2012

The conference is organized by Kharkov branch of RSPOR (Russia), chaired by Professor Larisa Yakovleva, the founder and head of the Department of the National University of Pharmacy Pharmacoeconomics. Conference is not very big, there were 26 presentations, but in the hall there were over 150 people.

I'm not the first time at this conference, five years ago, I appeared there with the experience of our country in the development of standardization and quality control at the first conference. There was staff and partners. Together participated in various activities, particularly in Kazakhstan, the Congress ISPOR.

But this year the situation has changed. Compared to what it was previously. There were many representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It's a lot of doctors. Two days full of presentations.

All words that are pronounced as the experience of Russia five years ago, are now easily reproduced Ukrainian colleagues. But, unlike us - colleagues tell no idea - the results. For example, the results of the development of dozens of protocols for the development of clinical pharmacy services and responsible self-medication. But our officials are scarind disgraceful self-medication. So the responsible self-medication - is a global trend of health development. Some of the patients (as the Ukrainian practice) comes with its ailments not to the doctor and the pharmacy. Now there he can have expert consults using syndromic, specific protocols. Of course, you need to read the content of these reports, for sure there will be a lot of material for criticism. But in Russia, there is nothing to criticize.

All that has been done on standardization, health technology assessment, the efforts of the Health Ministry destroyed. I got the strong feeling that this was done is deliberately targeted, the anti-popular diversion has a clear personal responsibility - Former Minister T. Golikova. And I very much want this person to get to responsible for what she did for her short term industry management.

A lot of reports were made on pharmacoepidemiology. It is found that high blood pressure is treated in Ukraine mainly ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers are not, and on this parameter (in percent) Ukraine leads forward France.

From Russian RSPOR been exposed 2 of the report, "Perspectives of the assessment of medical technologies in the Russian Federation" (P.A.Vorobev) and "Evaluation of non-drug medical technology" (L.S.Krasnova). Both reports are generated interest listeners.

Colleagues agreed to continue joint meetings in other forums, in each country and at international conferences ISPOR.

P. Vorobiev

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