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RSPOR is a Russian Chapter of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

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Cochrane Library
Cochrane Library

ISPOR Central & Eastern Europe Network
(ISPOR CEE Network) Publication Committee

ISPOR CEE Network Publication Committee is developed under the umbrella of ISPOR CEE Network. The role of the Publication Committee is to promote the science of the pharmacoeconomics (health economics) and outcomes research in the region by facilitating the development of the Network newsletter: News Across CEE and articles submitted to Value in Health Regional Issues (ViHRI). Working groups may be developed based on the committee needs.

  • Membership in ISPOR CEE Network Publication Committee is open to all Network members who are interested in contributing to activities developed by the Committee. The Publication Committee members must reside in a country in the region.
  • The ISPOR CEE Network Publication Committee is led by the Chair. The Chair and Chair-Elect are selected by the ISPOR CEE Network Executive Committee from the ISPOR CEE Network Publication Committee members. The Chair and Chair-Elect must reside in a country in the region and be a member of ISPOR. Term of the Chair and Chair-Elect is 2 years.

2013-2015 Chair

Imre Boncz, MD, MSc, PhD, Habil,
Co-Editor ViHRI (CEEWAA), Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences,
University of Pecs, Pecs, Hungary

2013-2015 Chair-Elect

Prof. Karina Jahnz-Rozyk, MD
Head & Professor, Department of Clinical Immunology & Allergology, Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland


John Yfantopoulos, PhD ISPOR CEE Network Newsletter: News Across Central & Eastern Europe (June 2013)
John Yfantopoulos, PhD John Yfantopoulos, PhD, President, ISPOR Greece Chapter, Professor, Health Economics, University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Dusan Djuric, MD, PhD Dusan Djuric, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Head of Department for Research and Balneo-Climatology, Institute for Rehabilitation, Belgrade, Serbia
Andras Inotai, PharmD, PhD Andras Inotai, PharmD, PhD, President, ISPOR Hungary Chapter, Senior Pharmacoeconomist, Syreon Research Institute, University Lecturer, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

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