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RSPOR is a Russian Chapter of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

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Cochrane Library
Cochrane Library

Rally «For a fair health»

восходдороги плохие

Rally held by the President of «Russian Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research», vice President of Formulary Committee of Medical Sciences Professor Pavel Andreevich Vorobiev. In 2010, the rally is confined to the 65 th anniversary of victory in the War II and the 150-th Anniversary of the birth of Anton Chekhov. Mission - the interaction with the medical community in various regions of Russia, bringing the principles of equitable health care - medical evidence, clinical and economic analysis, the formulary system, quality management, health care, standardization in health care to practical doctors in the Russian country. Direct and impartial discussion will get to know existing health problems of our country. One of the tasks will be to assess the state aid to veterans, the elderly in nursing homes in different regions. We hope that circumstances will not break our trip, as happened in 2008 and 2009.

Moscow-Baikal 2008

Held in July-August 2008
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Moscow-Sayan 2009

Held in July-August 2009
Diaries of rally members,
Reports and Photos.

Moscow-Sakhalin 2010

Report Formulary Committee
Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacoeconomics
Review of draft national Standards

Bulletin of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists - Full archive!

Was published a new,
3rd edition
«Clinical & Economic Analysis»
edited by Prof. Pavel Vorobiev

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