Russian Society for
Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

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RSPOR is a Russian Chapter of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

Health care quality assurance

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Cochrane Library

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    «For a fair health»

    Branches map

    Eurasia union of Pharmacoeconomics & outcomes research
    Branches & Departaments:
  • Belgorod branch
  • Belarus National Department
  • Vladimir branch
  • Volgograd branch
  • Voronegh branch
  • Kazan branch
  • Kazakhstan National Department
  • Krasnodar Branch
  • Kursk branch
  • Moldaviya national departament
  • Moscow branch
  • Moscow student branch
  • Nizhegorodsk branch
  • Novosibirsk branch
  • Omsk branch
  • Petrozavodsk branch
  • Primorskiy branch
  • Rostov branch
  • Samara Branch
  • St-Petersburg branch
  • Saratov branch
  • Stavropol branch
  • Stavropol students branch
  • Trans-Baikal branch
  • Ukraine national departament
  • Habarovsk branch
  • Hakasia branch
  • Chelyabinsk branch
  • Yaroslav branch

  • People who are not included in the branches
    Report Formulary Committee
    Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacoeconomics
    Review of draft national Standards

    Bulletin of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists - Full archive!

    Was published a new,
    3rd edition
    «Clinical & Economic Analysis»
    edited by Prof. Pavel Vorobiev

    Directory Medicines Formulary
       Committee 2010 NEW

    The most complete & reliable information on medicines to medical practitioners.
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